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The Ministry of Roads and Bridges was formed to address the transportation needs of Edo State. We design, build, and maintain the roads and bridges that connect our communities. This vital infrastructure supports economic growth, improves the quality of life, and ensures safe and efficient travel for all.

Edo State Ministry Of
Roads And Bridges

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges. We are dedicated to enhancing the transportation infrastructure and connectivity in our region, ensuring safe and efficient travel for all residents and visitors. Our goal is to develop and maintain a robust road network and reliable bridges that support economic growth, social well-being, and overall quality of life.

Through this website, you can access valuable information about our initiatives, projects, and ongoing efforts to improve the roads and bridges in our jurisdiction. We provide updates on road construction and rehabilitation projects, bridge maintenance and development plans, and other relevant news and announcements.


To create a world-class transportation system for Edo State, characterized by efficient design and lasting, well-maintained infrastructure.


We will achieve a modern and sustainable transportation network through thoughtful planning, cost-effective construction practices, and commitment to ongoing maintenance, meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Our 4 Work Cardinals

Infrastructure Development

  • Expand the road network: Increase the overall reach of Edo State’s road system, especially in underserved areas, to improve connectivity.
  • Upgrade existing roads: Widen lanes, improve surfaces, and enhance drainage to accommodate increased traffic flow and safety.
  • Build new bridges: Create reliable crossings in strategic locations to reduce congestion, open new routes, and support development.
  • Enhance safety features: Install traffic signals, improve road markings, add shoulders, and implement other measures to reduce accidents.

Maintenance and Sustainability

  • Implement a preventative maintenance program: Conduct regular inspections, perform timely repairs, and extend the lifespan of roads and bridges.
  • Promote sustainable construction practices: Utilize energy-efficient methods, prioritize recycled materials, and minimize environmental impacts.
  • Develop resilient infrastructure: Design roads and bridges to withstand extreme weather events and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Efficient Resource Management

  • Optimize project budgets: Streamline procurement processes, reduce waste, and maximize the impact of allocated funds.
  • Improve project management: Ensure timely completion, adherence to quality standards, and minimize cost overruns.
  • Utilize technology: Employ innovative solutions for project planning, data collection, and infrastructure monitoring.

Community Engagement and Accessibility

  • Incorporate public feedback: Gather community input during planning stages, promote transparency, and address concerns throughout projects.
  • Design for accessibility: Ensure roads and bridges accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and people with disabilities.
  • Partner with local stakeholders: Collaborate with businesses, community groups, and other government agencies to ensure projects align with broader needs.

Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Omobayo Marvellous Godwins

Deputy Governor, Edo State

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