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The present day Ministry of Infrastructure came into existence as a product of the merger of the former Ministry of Works and Ministry of Transport. The current situation analysis of the Ministry is thus a combination of the two previous Ministries.

The Ministry Of Roads And Bridges

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges.

We are dedicated to enhancing the transportation infrastructure and connectivity in our region, ensuring safe and efficient travel for all residents and visitors. Our goal is to develop and maintain a robust road network and reliable bridges that support economic growth, social well-being, and overall quality of life.

Through this website, you can access valuable information about our initiatives, projects, and ongoing efforts to improve the roads and bridges in our jurisdiction. We provide updates on road construction and rehabilitation projects, bridge maintenance and development plans, and other relevant news and announcements.

We are committed to transparency and accountability, and we strive to engage and involve the community in our decision-making processes. On this website, you will find resources such as project reports, guidelines, and relevant documentation to keep you informed about our activities.

Furthermore, we value your feedback and input. If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns related to our roads and bridges, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your involvement and collaboration are essential in our mission to build a reliable and sustainable transportation network.

Thank you for visiting our website. Together, let’s pave the way to better roads and stronger bridges for our region.


“To build a Ministry of Infrastructure that will design and build/ efficient and effective transport infrastructure and system to meet the needs of all stakeholders.”


“To design, build and maintain transportation infrastructure in the State that will be cost effective and professionally managed to meet international best practices thereby enduring throughout their designed life span.” 


Requirements for Construction of New Roads and Bridges

Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu

Deputy Governor, Edo State

Commissioner's Name

Hon. Commissioner of XXXX

Road Construction Updates

Residents in Benin City have commended the Governor Godwin Obaseki led Administration for the progress of work on the Ekehuan…

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